7 Weird & Funny Things All Women Do That They Don’t Talk About

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Contrary to popular belief of 90% of the male population, ladies to poop and fart and do other terrible stuff they're nor really open to talk about. So today I decided to bring a boost of humor to this blog and share with you 7 weird and funny things that all women do (but they don't want to talk about). Ladies, I am sorry for sharing our secrets with the[...]

How To Get Pregnant with PCOS Naturally

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a medical condition that increases the infertility rate in women. The most queried question is ‘How to get pregnant with PCOS?’ One must know the depth of the problem if they are to seek the solution for it - and we're going to talk about everything in this article and hopefully help you a lot when it comes to gettin[...]

Top 5 Detox Diet Plans For Quick Weight Loss

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It's time to start the new year with an EPIC article about weight loss. We're sharing below the top 5 detox diet plans that will help you lose weight quickly and get back in shape fast for the new year. You'll love these plans and since there's such a wide range to choose from, you will certainly find more than one that suits your needs. The usual conscio[...]

5 Tips & Tricks to Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Oh! The wait for a missed period is such a painful thing! The anxiety level you experience in your wait for a baby can’t be explained in words. Even though conceiving a baby, chance plays a major role, you can increase that probability of getting pregnant by following our 5 tips and tricks below. These things won't guarantee that you will get pregnant a[...]

Which Are the 7 Facial Shapes and What Hair Style Works Best With Each

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When deciding on a new hair style and cut the following points should be remembered. How your head is shaped, your profile and the shape of your face and head and how it looks from behind and the proportion of your body size and posture, plus both your good and bad features. Yeah I know it isn’t easy to be perfect. There are seven facial shapes determin[...]

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

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Aging is a natural process and there is nothing that can stop it from happening. I have never been overly concerned with this process, but I have a sister who is 60 and she thinks she is a teenager, she fights it tooth and nail, but the fact is the natural defense of our skin and the whole body weakens as we get older, but we can do a few things, like eating[...]

Organic Skin Care 101

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Organic skin care is something of a mystery. We all know that things that are organic are supposed to be good for us. However, most of us do not really know exactly what the word organic means. Organic skin care, we assume, must be good for our skin because it is natural. While this is true in part, there is far more to organic skin care than simply natural[...]