4 Easy Steps to Make Your Eyebrows Look Flawless, Perfect

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You know those perfectly shaped eyebrows everybody has in the magazines? Well, you can get them at home by yourself, without spending a fortune. I always use this technique to do mine especially because mine have a few tiny scars from my childhood playground, so I always need to be careful and fix them. I do go to a salon, once every 1.5 months. But as you know eyebrows grow much faster than that, but I still find the salon useful because I wear glasses and without them it is hard to see every detail when I use the tweezers, so it helps me refining my shape once in a while. The rest – I do it myself and it looks flawless.

These are a few steps you should follow to make your eyebrows have that professional look you always dreamed of and have get perfect eyebrows at home without spending a fortune!

Perfect eyebrows at home

Step 1 – Shape your eyebrows

If you don’t know what shape best fit you, try to draw a few shapes with a black eyebrow pencil over them, and decide on the fullness too. Get your tweezers and pick one hair at a time to make sure you don’t mess it up. Your eyebrows should start where your nostril starts (use a ruler if you can’t imagine the vertical line from your nostrils to your eyebrows), so don’t take too much out of that area. Focus just on the section between brows. Alternately, you can place a pencil alongside your nose to find where that spot is, and use the same pencil to angle it from the outside of your nose to the end of your eye, and that line should continue to show you where the eyebrow should end.

perfect eyebrows 02

Step 2 – Brush and cut

Brush the eyebrows up, to help you see where they’re uneven, and cut a tiny straight line just from the top. Make sure you positioned your scissors properly and that you didn’t select too much. I’d rather cut a bit at a time until I’m satisfied with the result, and always brushing in between to make sure I don’t over-cut it, than cut too much on the first try.

Step 3 – Fill in the blanks

Choose a pencil closer to your eyebrow’s color and softly fill in the blanks with gentle strokes imitating the natural hair, and make sure you don’t press too much on the tip because you don’t want an uneven pattern on your eyebrow’s color. Then using an angled brush and a pressed powder closer to your colors, define their shapes even more, but don’t over do it on the ends or the starting points! You don’t want them to look drawn in, you want them to look natural and perfect.

Step 4 – Finishing up

Brush them again to help the colors blend in and make them smoother. You can use a colored gel to make the shape of the eyebrows stay in place. Then, as a finishing touch, you can use a translucent powder and a fluffy brush around the perimeter, this will make the eyebrows look sharper.

You probably know that bringing out your eyes is not just in the colors you use for your eyes, but eyebrows help in that area too. So I hope this tutorial will help you out a bit to make your eyebrows have that professional look you always dreamed of. You can tell us what you think, or come back for more tips anytime you want.

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