5 Best Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

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The lower back pain is one big health problem that has affected a major population in the world recently. Everybody experiences that in some point of their life. You can be either active throughout the day or be dumped into the chair before your laptop throughout the day, lower back pain affects you anyway. There is no cure for the back pain. Just a change of life is needed. Yoga poses for lower back pain relief are found to be an effective way of treating it. If you are able to find an efficient yoga instructor he/she may help you figure out the yoga poses that will give you relief from your pain.

Here you can see few effective poses to relieve your lower back pain. But one must have patience to do the yoga. The more you relax during the yoga sessions the more effective will be the results. You can’t expect 100% perfection on day one itself. With patience and persistence you will gradually make it effective. Now we can go through the series of yoga poses.

Forward Bend

A forward bend means what it means. To be explanatory it involves bending forward stretching your legs to touch your toes with your fingers. But there are different types of forward bend depending on your flexibility. You can bend your legs a little until you reach your toes. A beginner will bend the leg a lot and an expert will stretch the leg completely. This will relax your back.

Here is a complete video tutorial on how to do this pose like a pro:

Ankle To Knee Pose

You can do this pose either by leaning back to the floor or sitting in a chair. This will relax your hip that is tight. You can choose your own comfortable posture to do this yoga. Here’s a recommended way to do it:

Seated twist

This yoga pose is for the upper body. It will relax the upper body completely thus reducing the pressure over the spine. You should finish the pose in such a way that your thighs should be as close as possible to your torso. There are variations in the pose. You can place your hand on your opposite knee as you twist. You can also extend your hands fully as you stretch. Another option is to place your palms together when you twist.

If you want to make sure that you’re doing it right, here’s a video guiding you through it:

Cat-Cow Pose

This is a combination of two poses. Now go down on your fours. Keep your head in neither down nor up position. Keep it in neutral. Then arch your back upwards and lower your head such that your chin touches your chest. This is the cat position now from that pose change over to cow’s pose. For that you have to arch your back in and face upwards. This alternative poses will stretch and relax your back.

Highly effective and extremely easy to perform, as you can see in the video guide below:

Crescent Lunge

It is best suited for the tight hips. The beginner version starts placing your back knee on the floor making your torso straight. The expert version includes stretching your hands backward.

This move requires a bit of practice, but once you get it right, you’ll have no problem in doing so again. Check it out in the YouTube video below:

All the above yoga poses for lower back pain relief are found to be effective. But you should consult your GP before you go for the yoga moves because you must know if your health condition is good enough to follow these poses. Once you get approval, start doing yoga and feel the pain relief.

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