Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016

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Summer is here and now is the right time to strut that beach body you worked for the entire year and enjoy the sun, the beach and the general laziness that echoes from the sea. For summer 2016, it’s the colorful & happy floral swimsuits that you should wear in order to follow the latest trends and in case you are too busy to search through thousands of products (even though we know you love it), we’re here to share with you a bunch of suggestions to narrow the search and help you quickly choose the best floral swimsuit for summer 2016.

The models below should be available in all sizes, so don’t hesitate to click the links and find out more about these beautiful products if you find one that you enjoy. Yes, we know that you will absolutely love them all, but you have to stick to one. Maybe two, because you need a backup as well.

But without further ado, let’s check out the best swimsuits with floral models for a perfect summer 2016. Don’t forget your high UV cream, the fancy shades and you’re all set for unforgettable experiences!

Blue Life Hypnotic Purple Floral Print

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 01

Purple is still hot this season, and the design of this swimsuit is absolutely amazing: don’t be shy to wear it if you want to be the center of attraction. I consider the sunglasses that complete this look a must, but even if you don’t get them, the swimsuit itself is a must. Click here to check it out on Lulus.

Multicolor Bralette Halter Push-up Bikini

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 02

The name of the swimsuit says it all and the photo says a thousand words, I guess. Created by RELLECIGA, this floral swimwear manages to highlight the main features of your beach body and the push-up bra works wonders too, as you can see for yourself. The model is also colorful, youthful and absolutely charming. Click here to check it out on StyleWe.

Beneath the Garden Set

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 03

Many say that white is a difficult color to wear, especially on the beach and even with this beautiful floral model. However, even though indeed a bit more difficult to wear than most colors, it’s also extremely impressive and if you think you can handle it, you should go for this: just imagine the beautiful contrast the pure white will have with your tanned bod! Check it out over at Cupshe.

Saslax Floral Swimwear

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 04

Saslax comes with a very modern swimsuit, following the latest fashion trends. The bikini goes way up over your bellybutton and even though it doesn’t show as much skin as the other models here, it’s modern and proves that you are confident and fashion-conscious. Check it out here.

Multicolor Deus Pieces

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 05

Designed by Thinking Jazz, this model is fresh and individual, happy and plain beautiful. With a wide array of colors, this swimsuit will make you look beautiful 24/7. Click here to check it out.

2 Piece Floral Swimsuit

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 06

Created by AJ Fashion and available on Amazon, this is another high waisted model for confident women that want to show the world that they follow the latest fashion trends. I personally prefer the bra type of the previous model, but I am sure that you girls might disagree – and this is why I propose this one for consideration as well. Plus, we have all those beautiful details on the bra to make it super-special. Check it out on Amazon.

Lost in Paradise Blooming Bikini Set

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 07

You will indeed allow yourself to get lost in paradise with this model. The unique bra model makes it stand out from the rest, but also keeps the sun away from the cleavage-area. It’s up for you to decide if it’s indeed a good fit for you – because beautiful it is for sure! Check it out over at CupShe.

Palm Trees Swimsuit

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 08

I am not 100% sure that palm trees can be considered “floral,” but this model is way too beautiful to ignore. Mostly white with dark colors and just a dash of sunset make it perfect for staying up late at the beach. Check it out here.

One Piece Floral Printing Strappy Cut

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 09

If you prefer a one piece, we’ve got you covered as well! This model doesn’t just deliver a beautiful floral design, but it also has a really unique design, proving wrong everybody who said that one piece swimwear is boring! Click here to check it out.

Pink Halter Bow Padded Swimsuit

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 10

Designed by foclassy, the brand that everybody loves for their amazing models, this two piece is easy to wear and even easier to use in order to highlight your main features. Plus, attention to detail has been clearly paid when the model was created, resulting in a perfect floral arrangement. Check it out over at StyleWe.

Light Blue Floral Elastane One-Piece

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 11

If you want to cover up as much of your body as possible and you love these floral designs, this model created by Valtos is a great choice. Coming in a calming light blue color and with a nice floral pattern, is comfortable and easy to wear. Check it out here.

Seychelles Black Floral Print

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 12

Almost the same as the Lost in Paradise model, but with Lulus’ final touches that make it slightly different and even more beautiful. The price is higher, so if you don’t want to spend the extra bucks, few people will actually notice the difference between this one and the Lost in Paradise model listed above. Check this one out at Lulus.

High-waisted Bikini Set

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 13

Another model that goes higher than the traditional swimsuits, this one doesn’t go as high as other models presented here, but still inspires confidence and is perfect for modern day fashionistas. Nice, with an Asian flavor thanks to those bamboo bits on it. Check it out over at CupShe.

Venus Queen’s Pink Straped One-Piece

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 14

This model is absolutely fabulous! Classy and with colors that blend perfectly, women all ages will love it and look amazing wearing it! Check out all the details and fall in love with it here.

Topwigy Unique Floral Swimwear

Best Floral Swimsuits for Summer 2016 - 15

This is a really unique set and it’s also available as a one-piece which looks truly spectacular (check the link at the end of this description to see what I mean). This is truly a head turner, so get ready to feel like a celebrity if you wear this one! Available, as well as the one-piece, on Amazon.

There you have it! 15 beautiful floral swimwear for a perfect summer. I am sure you loved them all (or at least most of them!) Let us know which one is your favorite – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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