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Breastfeeding in Public: Yay or Nay in 2018?

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Why should we breastfeed in public? Because, although a perfectly natural and normal thing to do, breastfeeding in public is not practiced often enough to be considered a common thing, like dining out or eating a hot dog on the go. The more public we get with this, the more will the world be to accepting it. I believe that I am not the only person who doe[...]

Which Are the 7 Facial Shapes and What Hair Style Works Best With Each

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When deciding on a new hair style and cut the following points should be remembered. How your head is shaped, your profile and the shape of your face and head and how it looks from behind and the proportion of your body size and posture, plus both your good and bad features. Yeah I know it isn’t easy to be perfect. There are seven facial shapes determin[...]

Can You Get Rich Being A Cosmetologist?

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One of the questions that I often get asked by people who are planning to follow this career path is if they can get rich being a cosmetologist. I decided to talk about this matter in this article, so let's get this started - although the answer might not be exactly what you wanted to hear! I guess it depends where you live and where you work as a cosmeto[...]

10 Amazing Leather Jackets under $100

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It doesn't sound natural to mix "leather jacket" and "on a budget" in the same sentence, unless you say that they just don't go together. It's true, if you want to buy a cheap leather jacket, you will probably have to go for faux leather, but this doesn't mean you will also have to give up on style! We have the proof below with 12 amazing leather jackets tha[...]

Here Are Some Amazing Toe Nail Art Designs for Inspiration (DIY)

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When it comes to getting your nails done, the toes are usually ignored and left behind, but this should not be the case, as a perfectly beautiful woman needs to take care of all the parts of her body. And as long as the toe nails are visible - you have to go for some amazing toe nail art. Even if you don't keep your toe nails visible, you can still go for[...]