7 Weird & Funny Things All Women Do That They Don’t Talk About

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Contrary to popular belief of 90% of the male population, ladies to poop and fart and do other terrible stuff they're nor really open to talk about. So today I decided to bring a boost of humor to this blog and share with you 7 weird and funny things that all women do (but they don't want to talk about). Ladies, I am sorry for sharing our secrets with the[...]

5 Tips & Tricks to Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Oh! The wait for a missed period is such a painful thing! The anxiety level you experience in your wait for a baby can’t be explained in words. Even though conceiving a baby, chance plays a major role, you can increase that probability of getting pregnant by following our 5 tips and tricks below. These things won't guarantee that you will get pregnant a[...]

Best Wax Warmer Kits to Have at Home

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As I mentioned in our previous post about hair removal methods, this wax warming method is one of our first choices. This method is often used by professional salons, mostly because it's one of the most efficient methods on the market. You can also save some money if you do it yourself at home. Some of this wax warmer kits have everything you need to make it[...]