SHANY All-In-One Harmony Makeup Kit Review

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The SHANY makeup kit offers a buffet of choices. It includes 168 eye colors, six lip hues, three blush tones and applicators to apply it all. When purchased through Amazon you can, at the moment of writing, get free shipping. Offers, which one can qualify, are on top of that. They are detailed on the Amazon site (click to visit). Now let's move on and check[...]

Eminence Organics Bamboo Firming Fluid Review

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A great product that shines in the crowded skin care world is Eminence Organics Bamboo Firming Fluid. In its description it claims to be age defying, which attracts many of us. Going the plastic surgery route is risky and expensive. Botox is also tough on the wallet and chemical peels give uneven results. Eminence is a beauty fluid that attempts to convince[...]

Beenigma Bee Venom Cream Review

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Beenigma Bee Venom Cream is available on Amazon for a price that few would consider cheap - but you should remember that paying for quality is always a good idea! Let's find out more about it in our Beenigma Bee Venom Cream review! The name of this cream makes it easy to figure out what it is made of. It contains real bee venom from New Zealand. Keeping t[...]

Dermawand Deluxe Renew Kit Review

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The Dermawand Deluxe Renew kit includes quite a few products, and this is what makes its price seem so great. Including the Dermawand, instructional video and booklet, carry bag and five Derma Vital products, it also comes with a number of promises. The folks who sell the Dermawand Kit say it will help eliminate saggy skin and make it appear firmer. They[...]

La Prairie Cellular Radiance Eye Cream Review

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Available on Amazon with an amazing $100 discount (click here to see if it's still available), many will consider La-Prairie Cellular Radiance Eye Cream from Switzerland expensive. This is a top shelf product, which has to stand up next to brands as Clarins, Shiseido, Origins and more. It is a worthy to be considered alongside these products and it is better[...]