Chemical Peels For The Sake Of Beauty

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There are several kinds of chemical peels and this type of skin treatment would fall under the domain of cosmetic surgery that should be done either by your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Usually older women prefer these chemical peels, but why on earth would we want to put these dangerous chemical solutions on our face and make the skin blister and peel?

Well, when the new skin grows back it is less blemished and wrinkled. Some chemical peels can be purchased by almost anyone, but you don’t want to do these yourself, you only want to have a professional do them where you know everything is sanitary and safe and they know what they are doing to achieve the best results.You should always discuss with your Dr. any problems you may be having with your skin and they will be happy to give you more information and help you decide what might be best for you.

One of the most popular kinds of chemical peels is known as an AHA Peel, or an alpha hydroxyl acid peel. This is the mildest form of the chemical peels and works by using carboxylic acids, like the glycolic acids found in sugar cane or lactic acid, found in sour milk. Many people use this kind of acid mixed with facial wash or creams in lesser-concentrated forms as part of a daily skin care plan.

When you use this acid in its concentrated form, it can reduce fine lines and uneven coloring, smooth rough and dry skin, improve your skin’s texture, and help battle acne. You may need multiple treatments to get the results you desire, and after each treatment, you’ll experience stinging, redness, and mild irritation for a few days.

Another popular kind of chemical peel is the tricholroacetic acid peel, in which the chemical is much stronger than in an AHA peel. Usually, concentrations of 20% to 50% are used, with concentrations above 35% being most rare because there is the risk of scarring. This kind of a chemical peel is used for smoothing fine lines, removing blemishes, and correcting skin discoloration, especially for those with darker skin pigmentation. As with the AHA peel, the treatment takes several days to heal, and you must use special care with skin products to maintain the results.

The strongest type of chemical peel is the phenol/croton oil chemical peel. The improvements on a patient’s skin when using this type of a chemical peel are drastic and long lasting in most cases and a single treatment is all you need to get the effects you want usually. This type of chemical peel smooths out deep wrinkles, removes precancerous growths and blemishes, and corrects any kind of blotches on the skin related to sun exposure or aging.

It also permanently removes freckles in some cases and has been known to permanently lighten the skin. Because this procedure is so drastic, you’ll need protection from the sun for the rest of your life and it will take several months to heal.

We are amazing creatures and we will try anything to keep that youthful look just a little bit longer. Everyone likes to look nice, but sometimes we do tend to torture ourselves in the name of beauty.

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