How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Arch Based on the Shape of Your Face

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Not everyone is born with perfect features and by experimenting with makeup we can learn how to enhance our good features using highlighting and minimize the features that we don’t like with shadowing.

When using two shades of foundation we need to blend carefully so we don’t have a line of demarcation (a strong contrast in color). For highlighting your good features you would use a shade lighter than your regular foundation and for shadowing you would use a darker color for minimizing the features we don’t like.

how to get perfect eyebrow arch

Below is the basic eyebrow arch, but in order to offset some characteristics of the face we sometimes need to alter the arch to suit an individuals face. Reshaping and learning to use an eyebrow pencil can achieve many things (complete tutorial based on your face’s shape after this video):

If you have a very high forehead then you might consider raising the arch a fraction in order to detract from the forehead be careful to not make it a thin, round line you do not want to walk around looking surprised at everything.

If you have a low forehead then you will want a lower arch in order to make your forehead appear higher.

To make a long face appear shorter, you can make the brow line almost straight, but do not go past the outside corner of the eye.

To make a round face appear more narrow you might want to try a higher arch. Start your line right above the inside corner and extend it too the end of the cheek bone.

To make a square face appear more oval you will want a higher arch on the end above the outside corner of the eye and extend it outward.

In order to make a wide forehead appear more narrow in a triangular face you will start your lines right above the inside corner of the eye and arch slightly at the end only and extend to the end of the cheek bone.

If your eyes are too close together then widen the distance between your eyebrows and extend the lines outward and for wide set eyes to appear closer you would start your lines closer to the inside corner of your eye .

Experiment with different techniques and have fun creating those stunning looks. You might want to visit a make-up expert for some great inside tips and techniques that will help with the shape of your face and how to highlight your best features and it’s fun to get all that special attention.

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