The Importance of Skin Care For Men

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The men of today are becoming more aware of the importance of skin care and that’s a good thing. The male skin is different than female skin because it’s thicker and the pores are larger and because they have more active sebaceous glands it tends to be oilier, but it varies from person to person. Avoid using after shave that has an alcohol base. To minimize cuts and nicks use the swivel head razors when shaving and don’t be so rough you just want to remove the hair and not your skin. Try not to scrape and scratch your skin.

A mans face can dehydrate very easy because of all the shaving. Therefore moisturizers should be used, whether it’s in gel form or cream. A lot of shaving foams and gels already have moisturizers added, but a little extra won’t hurt at all. Using upward strokes, pat and massage gently. To make sure your skin will be healthy now and later only takes a few minutes and it isn’t difficult!

Men, just like women, should use a water soluble cleanser and not soap on the face to remove dirt, pollutants, and grease and to keep the pores from clogging. Cleansing twice a day is recommended. I also recommend using skin care products that have natural ingredients like aloe vera and sea salt just to name a couple and lavender and tea tree for natural antiseptic products.

The men care products are turning into a big money making industry and that’s good that you guys are learning to care about your skin and remember just because your skin is less susceptible to developing skin cancer than a female’s it is still important that you use sunscreen to protect from UV radiation. Try the sunscreen with moisturizers and welcome to the world of healthy skin!

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