Katie Meade, Model with Down Syndrome, the Face of Beauty & Pin-Ups Campaign

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Despite all the bad things that seem to happen more and more often in this crazy world we’re living in, things that make you lose faith and hope in human kind, I still believe that we have even more reasons to think about progress and still have hope in humanity. Sometimes, it’s small acts that could otherwise go unnoticed that make the world great and one of them – one that deserves our applause – is the latest campaign from hair care line Beauty & Pin-Ups for their latest product, Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment.

Why is the Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment so important and heartwarming? Well, because of the face the brand has chosen for their campaign: we’re talking about 32 years old model Katie Meade. This beautiful lady is an atypical model in the world of fashion & beauty, as she has the Down syndrome. But she’s now a lady for the record books as this campaign is the first in history where a woman with Down syndrome is featured as the face of a beauty product – and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Here is Katie Meade, posing for the Beauty & Pin-Ups campaign:

katie meade fearless
katie meade

The beautiful model is clearly the best choice for a campaign featuring the word “Fearless” and the company’s CEO Kenny Kahn agrees. He told People magazine:

“The Beauty & Pin-Ups brand is a celebration of the empowerment of a woman and what it took to be a pin-up in 1935, and carrying that message in a modern sense. So as we were launching this product, in our mind it could have been the next traditional pin-up — but as soon as we came up with the name “Fearless” it was really easy, we were like, ‘Well Katie’s fearless.'”

Katie is, as we kept saying, fearless and as you can see in the photographs above, charming. She wants to inspire people and I think she completely manages to do it: apart from being a model and getting the well-deserved front page with her latest beauty campaign, she is also a former Special Olympics athlete. In other words, she is the real role model this society needs, not the fake attention wh*** who take off their clothes on Instagram or anywhere they can to poison this society. But in the end, we probably need both types just to be able to pick the right one and enjoy the real beauty.

Don’t hesitate to share this amazing story so the entire world hears about Katie Meade and the step forward that Beauty & Pin-Ups made by choosing her for their Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment.

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