Kylie Jenner Without Makeup: Now This is Her Trend

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Kylie Jenner is one of those celebrities that all teenage girls love and she’s a role model for many. And even though we could debate the role model thing based on some of her appearances, lifestyle choices and events in her life, we must give her credit when credit is due. It seems that Kylie Jenner has gone on a spree to promote natural beauty and lately we’ve seen more and more of Kylie Jenner without makeup.

The latest trick she pulled is spending an entire day without make-up and even though she clearly wasn’t as perfect as we’re used to see her be and she didn’t glow as much as she does on the red carpet, she showed the world not only that you can be beautiful without make-up, but that it’s also OK not to wear tons of make-up at all times and show your natural beauty to the world and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF and not hide your face behind make-up! Way to go, Kylie!

Here are some photos of Kylie Jenner with no make-up, taken during the entire day she spend showing the world her natural, charming beauty:

kylie jenner without makeup 01

kylie jenner without makeup 02

And this is not the first time that we got to see Kylie Jenner not wearing makeup. Here are some more photos of her without make-up – maybe it will give you the strength to do the same and embrace natural beauty more often.

kylie jenner no makeup 01

kylie jenner no makeup 02

kylie jenner no makeup 03

kylie jenner no makeup 04

What do you think about this trend of “no makeup” photos from celebrities? Do you believe the skeptics who say that they are still wearing some sort of make-up or adding photo filters, even though they say they don’t? Hit us with your answers in the comment section below!

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