Which Are the 7 Facial Shapes and What Hair Style Works Best With Each

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When deciding on a new hair style and cut the following points should be remembered. How your head is shaped, your profile and the shape of your face and head and how it looks from behind and the proportion of your body size and posture, plus both your good and bad features. Yeah I know it isn’t easy to be perfect. There are seven facial shapes determin[...]

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

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Aging is a natural process and there is nothing that can stop it from happening. I have never been overly concerned with this process, but I have a sister who is 60 and she thinks she is a teenager, she fights it tooth and nail, but the fact is the natural defense of our skin and the whole body weakens as we get older, but we can do a few things, like eating[...]

Organic Skin Care 101

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Organic skin care is something of a mystery. We all know that things that are organic are supposed to be good for us. However, most of us do not really know exactly what the word organic means. Organic skin care, we assume, must be good for our skin because it is natural. While this is true in part, there is far more to organic skin care than simply natural[...]

Chemical Peels For The Sake Of Beauty

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There are several kinds of chemical peels and this type of skin treatment would fall under the domain of cosmetic surgery that should be done either by your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Usually older women prefer these chemical peels, but why on earth would we want to put these dangerous chemical solutions on our face and make the skin blister and pee[...]

Best Organic Lip Balms for Dry Lips

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Cold weather makes my lips dry and chapped and because of this I get dark spots on them. Wrote about a few treatment options in this article here, but in order for my lips to avoid that outcome I need to take care of them with the best organic lip balms for dry lips. So every time I'm not wearing mate lipsticks or before I apply regular lipstick, I make sure[...]

Best Lip Treatment Products for Dark Lips

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We thought this Best Lip Treatment Products for Dark Lips article is very suited as dark lips are a very common problem this time of year. There is a wide range of factors that are to blame for causing dark lips problems, such as dryness, not hydrating well, the sun can damage your lips too, and also cold weather, smoking, even make-up, if not removed proper[...]

Best Eye Shadow Palette Make Up Sets for Oily Skin

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When looking for the Best Eye Shadow Palette Make Up Sets for Oily Skin, you need to know one thing, almost every powder eye shadow palette out there is best suited for your oily skin. But the cause of oily skin can be the ingredients in it, and to prevent any acne allergy reactions, and if you know your skin lets you know when you buy products that are fake[...]

Best Professional Acrylic Nail Products

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I don't know about you, but every time I went to a nail salon I was thinking "I could do that myself!", so I got myself the Best Professional Acrylic Nail Products I could find, did a thorough search looking at a lot of reviews about products and decided what is best for me and my nails. I can tell you right now, I am saving a lot of money, and time, by doin[...]

Best Natural Home Remedies for Split Ends

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If cutting your hair regularly isn't something you want and you think is going to affect your length goals, I did some research about the best natural home remedies for split ends. First thing you need to know is why split ends happen. Your hair gets in direct contact to pollution, sun, dust, wind, not to mention, the curlers, straighteners, dryers, gels, se[...]

Best Eyelash Extension Products for Fake Eyelashes

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When it comes to Eyelash Extension Products for Fake Eyelashes you should not take the subject lightly. If you invest in eyelash extensions it is best to use professional products so it will last you as much as possible. Not taking care of your false eyelashes could cause you to get disappointed with them when in fact you could've prolonged their life and ma[...]