Beast Cheap Foundation for Dry Skin

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Writing about Best Cheap Foundation for Oily Skin made me realize that the other big skin problem that people usually have is dry skin. So I gone searching for Best Cheap Foundation for Dry Skin as I don't think those with oily skin would wish for dry skin and neither vice-versa. Because both conditions come with awful downsides. The goal to aim for is Norma[...]

The Importance of Skin Care For Men

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The men of today are becoming more aware of the importance of skin care and that’s a good thing. The male skin is different than female skin because it’s thicker and the pores are larger and because they have more active sebaceous glands it tends to be oilier, but it varies from person to person. Avoid using after shave that has an alcohol base. To min[...]

Best Cheap Remedies for Oily Skin

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As I mentioned in my previous article about Best Cheap Foundations For Oily Skin, I am dealing with this kind of skin myself and it is not easy. Hard to make my skin less shiny, and to cover up the blemishes and imperfections caused by oily skin. But before adding any make-up on, I need to take care of my skin so the make-up covers the oily skin even better.[...]

Best Cheap Foundations For Oily Skin

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I started searching for best cheap foundations for oily skin because I know a thing or two about what it's like to deal with oily skin. I know how I failed buying some foundations at the beginning of my make-up days, and making my face even shinier than before. Oily skin is caused by over-active sebaceous glands, that produce a substance called sebum, a[...]

Top 8 Best Hiking Sports Bra

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Whenever you're going hiking, or to the gym, or any other sport activity, you're going to need the best hiking sports bra that fits your needs. But what happens when you forget your sports bra? Sore muscles and joint pain are just a few things that can come from not wearing a sports bra for hiking or any type of physical activity. To avoid the pain and disco[...]

Best Bee Skincare Products

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I think all will agree with me when I say "Skincare is the best makeup investment". Having a great skin and taking care of it daily and with good products saves you money you would use on foundation, but also helps if your skin is not covered with make-up every day, on every inch of your face. It's true some make-up really help, like shielding your skin from[...]

How Long After Graduation From Cosmetology Are Exams?

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One of the questions that I get asked a lot is how long after graduation from Cosmetology are exams and how long they had after graduation before they had to take their exams and I honestly don’t know because each state is different and I didn’t know where they were from to find out. So next week I am going to send an email to the respective states and a[...]

The Reason Why You Still Have That Perm Smell

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Aging of course has both pros and cons, but I prefer looking at the pros today. Are we aging gracefully? I know I still like to look attractive, but I totally accept my wrinkles now. I do not stress out any more because of an age spot or a pimple and I’m tired of coloring my hair. I have had gray hair more years than I care to remember. But what about t[...]

Easy to Use Roll On Waxing Kits and Supplies

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As I've mentioned in a previous article about Best Professional Hair Removal Methods for Women to Try at Home, this Roll on depilatory method is one I would choose for my self, and in the meantime I already bought my first easy to use Roll on Waxing kit and used it with awesome results. I chose a complete kit for myself because it seemed cheaper this way[...]