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The Reason Why You Still Have That Perm Smell

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Aging of course has both pros and cons, but I prefer looking at the pros today. Are we aging gracefully? I know I still like to look attractive, but I totally accept my wrinkles now. I do not stress out any more because of an age spot or a pimple and I’m tired of coloring my hair. I have had gray hair more years than I care to remember. But what about t[...]

Katie Meade, Model with Down Syndrome, the Face of Beauty & Pin-Ups Campaign

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Despite all the bad things that seem to happen more and more often in this crazy world we're living in, things that make you lose faith and hope in human kind, I still believe that we have even more reasons to think about progress and still have hope in humanity. Sometimes, it's small acts that could otherwise go unnoticed that make the world great and one o[...]